Galbraith Absurdity

Originally posted on WMBC:
? ? City of Bellingham, Whatcom Land Trust, and Galbraith Tree Farm reach purchase and sale agreement by Vanessa Blackburn, Mayor’s Office / July 24, 2018 (Tuesday) The City of Bellingham, Whatcom Land Trust, and Galbraith Tree Farm LLC have entered into a purchase and sale agreement that secures the public’s…

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The Right to Refuse to Kill

via International Conscientious Objectors Day — An Anarchist’s Ethnography This one moves me personally. I’ve served in the military and am not opposed to violence in self-defense, but the right to refuse to murder for political parties when it is not an issue of self-defense is something I would still exercise in many situations. Much […]

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Viktor Orban

I keep seeing this article about Viktor Orban propagating around the spider web. Been seeing it a lot lately, so I’m going to voice my opinion and be done with it. So. Viktor Orban. Have a quick read about him. It’s worth noting that this anti-Orban propaganda popped off immediately after he announced that the […]

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It is unlikely for me to feature such a morbid photo on my blog. I still get the jitters, but more from how people will react than from the picture itself. via Unlikely — Oh, border! Oh, border! Oh, how I relate to this feeling of apprehension! Not so much regarding animals, as I grew […]

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You’re Not Perfect

Though most men don’t wear makeup, we are all masters of disguise. We cover up nagging habits and deep insecurities with feigned confidence, or we craft a grin to hide the darkness raging inside. To keep up with the Joneses or to get that promotion or to seem strong for our family, we revert to […]

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Law Serves

This discussion of Spinoza brought to mind a piece of one of my favorite poems: “the Law will never serve the lawless” – “Israel,” The Book of Mercy I’ve always enjoyed the defiant and direct tenor of the poem, but I wonder how a people can forever prevent themselves ever coming under the sway of […]

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Ends ignore intent

Any attempt to implement change by systematically not embodying that change, will yield a result based on the means by which it was achieved, not the intent with which it was conceived. Attempting to spread peace or faith through violence, will result in a spread of violence, not peace or faith. Attempting to promote understanding […]

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Cooking With Lemon Balm

Ok! So I have used melissa (lemon balm) in my teas for years now, and strongly recommend it. It is amazing fresh crushed, with scalding water poured over it and a teaspoon of honey. A bit of the flavor is lost in drying it, but I enjoy it so much that my son helps me […]

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