Cooking With Lemon Balm

Ok! So I have used melissa (lemon balm) in my teas for years now, and strongly recommend it. It is amazing fresh crushed, with scalding water poured over it and a teaspoon of honey. A bit of the flavor is lost in drying it, but I enjoy it so much that my son helps me […]

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The Fermi Premise

There is a speculative theory popular in the circles of science-minded science fiction fans called The Fermi Paradox. Which is a very official sounding name, like something we might assign to a maths theorem, though in fact it’s nothing of the sort. The Fermi Paradox is not any sort of generally recognized law or rule. […]

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Whiff of Decay

The consistently poor performance of the primary and secondary education systems in the United States is not merely an issue of insufficient funding. There isn’t a school I’ve seen in years that wasn’t in fantastic physical condition – in fact, they seem to get physical makeovers and superficial improvements to their appearance every few years […]

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WWIII is not coming.

WWIII is not coming. It began years ago… It’s likely that what should be recorded as he first invasion of WWIII occurred quite some time ago. This is not a fiction. How many have already forgotten what happened in Greece in 2010 & 2011? How many never fully understood the implications of using police and […]

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Mind Is Magic

In Fossil Fuel & The Collective Consciousness I refer to a post on The Chrysalis, a blog I strongly recommend. In the comments following that post, Scott posits that: “The manipulation of energy as information is very probably the very definition of magic, and it is just part of the structure of things.” I thought […]

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What You Read In The Paper

“Only a fool believes what he reads in the paper.” That is what my late grandfather taught me. He was a hardworking, honest man who loved to laugh. An auto mechanic who owned and operated his own small but successful shop for decades. He never had a lot of use for the media – printed […]

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Theory, or Tall Tale

So I was browsing the feeds this morning and came across an aside on a blog I have been enjoying recently, In Saner Thought. The subject was “conspiracy theories” and whether they are plausible and worth considering. “Our world these days is full of conspiracy theories about this or that…..but ask yourself….do these conspiracies hold […]

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Fresh grass stains the walk, grown new yesterday when the blade that cut it was ripped, bleeding, from the heart of a peaceful mountain. Innocence soiled by innocence soiled by innocence soiled.

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Apocalypse, NOW PLEASE!!

Every time someone starts talking about any sort of “end of the world,” my mind instantly reels back to something I once read, though I don’t even recall which book it was in (it may have been The Zohar). At any rate, the sentiment was generally this: ‘The world was created to teach a child. […]

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